Global Title Area Settings

Fifth avenue comes with lots of options for Title area that allows to drastically change its look. You can choose between standard title are type with limited amount of options, hero style with background settings, different parallax effects, overlay , etc and revolutions slider. Changing settings in options panel will affect all pages if they are not overridden locally.


You can set global title area options separately for page, post, blog page and shop page.

Title Area Options in Metaboxes

In addition to the options you have available in the theme options panel, Fifth Avenue theme offers an array of title area options that are page/post specific. When editing your page/post the options will be located at the bottom under the WordPress editor.

The options in metabox are exactly the same as in global options panel but they affect only select page/post. Changing options in metaboxes will override global options for this specific post/page.

Hero title area style allows has appear animation and comes with fixed height size that you can set in options.

You can add background image and set overlay color to make sure that the page title can be read on the uploaded image.

Category Title Area Settings

Same as for page or post you can change settings of title area for specific category. Title area options for categories comes with the same functionality as for the pages.

To show title area options you need to switch Use Custom Settings to on for specific category.

If disabled it will use shop (if it is shop category) or blog (if it is posts category) page global title area settings.