Following option related to the blog listing. This includes blog page ( which can be set in Settings – Reading – Posts page ), search results, categories and other taxonomies.

You can choose layout with or without sidebars and standard (website content max width that can be set in general options of 5th Avenue options panel) or fullwidth.

Blog style – Choose between Default and Masonry blog listing styles.

Default style allows you to choose different layout for each post on listing. Read more here.

You can change the alignment and style of the post description and read more link on listing.

Hover Style  – Choose from different post thumbnail hover animation like simple zoom, move up or masked zoom.

Show Categories in Blog page Title area – Select whether to show categories or not in title area below the title on blog page.

Blog listing description – you can show full post content on the blog listing or from excerpt field. To enable excerpt field on post page you need to check Excerpt checkbox in Screen Options in the right corner at the very top of the post editing page. It will then appear in metaboxes at the bottom of the page.

If you chose to use full content then you can use more tag 

You can limit the size of the image on the blog listing by settings Max Image Size (width and height). So bigger image will be cropped to this size.

Pagination type – Blog posts can be loaded with ajax (without reloading page). You can choose whether to load the on scroll (infinite scroll) or by clicking on Load more button.