Slideout Menu

Slideout menu is additional menu area slide from the side of the screen when you click or hover on 3 lines icon in header. Slideout menu will appear from the left if icon is in the left header section and from the right if in the right side of the header.

Slideout menu only displayed on desktop. On mobile header and all menus replaced with mobile header and menu.

To add slideout menu you first of all need to add its element in header.

Then create menu and select Display location :  

Additionally you can add content at the bottom (i.e. social icons shortcode or copyright address info, etc. ) of the slideout menu area in Header – Header Layout section of 5th Avenue options panel.

Mobile Menu

Same as for any other menu you need to create or assign existing menu to Mobile menu display location.

Fifth Avenue theme comes with two widget ares for mobile menu where you can add widgets or other content (i.e. banners, search, contacts information or whatever you need). One widget area is above and another below menu.

To add content to mobile menu widget areas head to Appearance – Widgets. You will see two areas there: Mobile Menu Before and Mobile Menu After. Simply drag and drop desired widgets tot his areas.