Fifth Avenue WordPress Theme allows you to import any of the demos with one click via the theme options panel. It will install complete demo including pages, posts, products, categories, images*, settings & colors, set home& blog pages, assign menus and so on. That is why we do not recommend to install it on live website it will make a real mess. Use it as a starting point or as and example on a separate install.

Step 1. Navigate to the 5th Avenue options panel in your WordPress admin dashboard
Step 2. Click on the Demo Importer tab on the left hand side of the 5th Avenue options panel
Step 3. Click on Import Demo for your desired demo

Note: The more images a demo imports, the longer the import will take. Any demos include a full set of sample images and can take a minute to import. Because of this, if your demo fails to import, it’s most likely because your server PHP max_execution_time setting is set too low. max_execution_time can normally be set to 40 seconds to prevent server lockups from unresponsive scripts. If your demo import fails after loading for a little, you’ll need to increase it to at least 100 seconds to allow the import to complete. If you’re unfamiliar with editing PHP settings, your hosting company will be able to handle this for you.

* Some of the images in demos are copyrighted and not included in theme so they will be replaced with placeholders.