Content Max-Width
Set the maximum width for the content area. This also affect footer and header width if their Full Width options are disabled.

Website Layout – you can switch to Passe-partout layout which adds a frame around the website.
If you choose Passe-partout layout it will enable 3 more options:

1. Always show Frame on top of the page – If you enable this, top and bottom borders of passe-partout frame will have fixed position meaning they will be always on the same position and visible even when you are scrolling the page.

2. Show horizontal section borders
Show horizontal dividers between website section (footer, copyright, etc) additionally to website passepartout frame. You can see this in action on F-ve preview. As you can see on image below there is a white space between blocks.

3. Show frame in fullscreen modals – you can show border in fullscreen modals, like search, size guide, additional links after add to cart and so on.

Styled Scrollbar
Toggle whether or not to enable the styled scrollbar – turning this on will lower scrolling performance. It will remove default browser scrollbar and will show custom scrollbar only when you are scrolling.

Smooth Scroll – It is enabled on each of our demos to make scrolling more smooth and pleasant. However turning this on will lower scrolling performance a bit.

Show Back to Top  – Show back to top arrow that appears in the bottom right corner of the screen when you are scrolling down. This gives users a quick way to get to the top of page after scrolling down for a while

Carousel Arrows – Choose position of arrows in all carousel sliders across website. You can disable arrows for all sliders across website including product carousels or set how to display arrows within the image/carousel or partially outside. You can see the difference on image below,

Use minified Javascript & minified CSS – enabling this options will switch to use of compressed css and js files. It will make the size of your website a bit smaller and increase the loading speed.

Google Analytics – Enter in your google analytics tracking code here. Remember to include the entire script from google, if you just enter your tracking ID it won’t work.